Suzanne Wennermark-Roskowick

View the show “That’s Clever” on HGTV where Suzanne demonstrates how to build a Frosted Glass Table.  Just click on play in the window below:

About Suzanne

Each person approaches a piece of art from a different mental point of view. One person may view a piece and look for or see some hidden meaning, a political statement, etc., while another person may view the same piece and simply allow the movement and color of the work to bring them back to a special place or time in their life. It is for these reasons that I (for the most part) do not try to preset the message or statement of each piece I create. I love that each person now is free to see whatever they choose to in a piece.

I believe that art can be functional, as well as simply beautiful, and moving for the soul. I try to express this belief through my pieces of furniture. While on the other hand I also love art simply for the beauty of color and movement and spirituality that it brings to each person that experiences a piece. I try to combine these beliefs through all my work weather it be a three dimensional piece or a painting that will simply be hung on the wall, ceiling, or floor

The aim of my work is to hopefully move people. To bring a smile and a possibly a laugh to someone, in this high stress world we live in. That means a great deal to me and would make me feel that my work has touched someone. I like the idea that through art when you wake up in the morning and wash your face and brush your teeth, you not only look into a mirror, but you can look into a whimsical, funky mirror that would hopefully start your day off with a smile and a little lighter step.

I am completely self-taught. I have been creating art of some form or another whether textile, clay, paints, or furniture, from the time I was old enough to hold a crayon (which I still believe is one of the greatest toys, life tools, you can introduce to your child). The ability to teach a child that they can create with nothing more than their own imagination, their own environment and world is a great gift. ( Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright ).


I worked in the real world of business for most of my life (making the rent ) while all the time trying to have an art career at the same time. Guess what, It didn’t work! So in 1997 I quit the real world stuff and decided to make a go in my world. And I must say my world is a little tougher but much more rewarding for the soul.

Completed Frosted TableFrom HGTV