Suzanne Wennermark-Roskowick

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"When I was a young child, my parents did not believe in television. We were told to create our own entertainment. Of course everyone else had a television at that time, and I hated that. Now I am eternally grateful to my parents for that foresight and discipline. I have always been creating something, whether it be with textiles, clay, metal or painting and drawing. It is as much a part of my soul as is breathing.


I have always loved to explore color and texture; they are my constant inspiration for every piece. The symphony of colors playing with texture bring about feelings and emotions that may be otherwise difficult to express. Through this continuous interaction and play, I hope to be able to bring out these very feelings and emotions in others that live with my work. For myself as an artist I need to continually explore new and unusual media to keep my work fresh and constantly growing  ~ Suzanne


NAME  Suzanne Wennermark-Roskowick

LOCATION  Washington, D.C.

JOB  Artist

SUBJECTS  Mixed Media


Wood and Metal